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Tax Checklists

We know the best way to ensure you minimise your tax liability it to keep good records.  The tools below are designed to help our clients identify and organise information they will need to support their claims.

We have prepared brief tax checklists for our clients to help them summarise their end of year tax information.  These checklists can be used as a guides as they provide a summarised overview.

Gathering up-to-date and correct information is an important part of the preparation of individual and business tax returns.  The focus on compliance is important to avoid mistakes, but is also a critical first step before important business decisions can be made and future strategies decided.  We need to ensure our clients’ records are accurate to avoid penalties, ensure taxation minimisation and that correct decisions are made.

To help make this process a little easier, and to help you find everything that could increase your refund, we’ve created a few helpful tax-time checklists.

Tax Checklist2021 Income Tax Return Checklist

Tax Checklist2021 Rental Property Tax Return Checklist

Tax Checklist2021 Small Business Tax Return Checklist

Confused about anything in the tax checklist? Add your notes or questions in the “notes or comments” section, at the very bottom of your checklist.

Author: Graham Robinson Google