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Change Accountants

Looking to switch accountants?

Choosing an accountant who understands your business, your industry and your needs can mean the difference between boom and gloom.

Give us the opportunity to determine how best we can assist you in reaching your short-term and long-term goals, how to manage your compliance needs, and how to carry on business and record-keeping effectively.

Can you grow with my business?
It’s important to think about what your business will need tomorrow, as well as today. Make sure your accountant has the resources and expertise to cope with your growth.

We, at GTS, have extensive experience working with both local and national businesses, and confidence in our capacity to provide accordingly.

What will you charge?
It’s tempting to think that an accounting firm will be expensive, but that’s not necessarily the case. Our fees are highly competitive and we are committed to providing excellent, professional service at an affordable price.  We provide you with an upfront, fixed quote for your work, so you know exactly how much it will cost—no nasty surprises.

How do I change accountants?
There is a serious misconception that it is overly hard to switch accountants. Business owners often put up with being frustrated by their accountant and think that their affairs are too complex and difficult to hand over to another professional. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Changing accountants is a simple two-step process:

dot-point-1a0zud5-150x145   Choose your new accountant,

dot-point-1a0zud5-150x145   Your new accountant sends a clearance letter to your former accountant and arranges for your records to be transferred to them.

It’s really that simple!

As pro-active accountants we believe we have a responsibility to help our clients build a more efficient, profitable and valuable business.

As the new financial year rolls in, let us prove to you that we can save you stress, money, and help your small business thrive and grow.  We’ll discuss your unique business situation and provide you with practical advice to help you achieve your goals and vision. It could be the most profitable call you make all year!

Author: Graham Robinson Google