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Indirect Taxes

Indirect tax services – Quote on request

The world of investment and business is changing rapidly, and businesses usually need advice on more than one area of tax.

Our team is comprised of experts, each with ample knowledge and experience across the tax spectrum.  We understand the vital importance of ensuring that both a business’ structure and operations are set up effectively to minimise and manage indirect taxes.  When it comes to the different taxes that can be encountered when running a business, it can seem like a mind field.

Our team will work to ensure that you understand the role that indirect tax plays within your business and how to maximise any opportunities available as a result of your business’s particular circumstances.

We are trained to identify issues specific to your business and provide tailored, practical recommendations.  Our solutions range from providing specialist advice and hands-on training, to reviewing the consequences of larger transactions.  We can also assist with day to day compliance needs, or disputes, appeals and objections by liaising with the Australian Tax office (ATO) and state and territory offices of state revenue on your behalf.

How can we help?

dot-point-1a0zud5-150x145BAS/GST dot-point-1a0zud5-150x145Payroll Tax

Even if you do your own bookkeeping and payroll, there can be great benefits in employing a professional accountant to take care of your monthly and quarterly obligations.  By ensuring that your Instalment Activity Statements (IAS) and Business Activity Statements (BAS) are correct, you eliminate any cashflow deficiencies that could be created and timely lodgements mean no late penalties.

dot-point-1a0zud5-150x145Capital Gains Taxdot-point-1a0zud5-150x145Land Taxdot-point-1a0zud5-150x145Stamp Duty

Calculating capital gains can often be very complex. If you’re looking to sell assets and want to understand what the consequences might be, or if you’ve already sold and want to know what your potential tax bill is, we can certainly help. It is important to discuss the available options with an experienced accountant before committing to any purchase to ensure that you are properly advised with respect to your potential Land Tax and Stamp Duty obligations.

dot-point-1a0zud5-150x145Superannuation Guaranteedot-point-1a0zud5-150x145Pay as You Go Withholdingdot-point-1a0zud5-150x145WorkCover

Our payroll services include all aspects of payroll processing including calculating employee terminations and monthly reports such as superannuation, workcover, payroll tax (for all states) and PAYG Withholding.  We will also perform year end payroll reconcilations, prepare your annual payment summaries and report your payment summary data to the ATO.  Our experienced team at Step-Up will always provide the best and fastest payroll services possible, as we understand the importance of your staff in the workplace.

dot-point-1a0zud5-150x145Wine Equalisation Tax dot-point-1a0zud5-150x145Energy Grants dot-point-1a0zud5-150x145Corporate Governance dot-point-1a0zud5-150x145Research and Development Concessions

We help you by providing you with the advice to manage your investments to increase your gains. Whether it be property, shares, bonds or even wineries, contact us to see if you are currently receiving the best advice.  In addition to our in-house expertise we also access specialist research and technical resources, which means clients benefit from the latest research, opportunities and legislative changes, all contributing to our comprehensive financial strategies.

Our culture is innovative and creative, and integrates technology with passionate people who work hard to achieve effective and responsible solutions and outcomes for our clients.

Call us today for a quick obligation-free chat about your situation and how we can help. From there, you can decide to take any advice we give and run with it – or engage us to help directly. As a highly experienced, professional accounting firm – you can trust us to help.

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